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9-Day Process – April 16-24 2020 – India

9-Day Mini Process – April 11-19 2020 – Italy
27 May 2019
21-Day Process – May 1-21 2020 – Italy
29 May 2019

9-Day Process
from April 16th to 24th 2020

pranic event

Facilitator: Nicolas Pilartz
Assistant: Raffaella Galoppi
Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada
Place: Ancient School of wisdom IVC Rd, Devanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562110 - India

Total costs

From 25000 ₹ (RS) to 40000 ₹ (depending on financial capacity)

How to subscribe:

You should be well informed of Pranic Nourishment and about the Breatharian Process. You have to be in good physical and mental health condition.
Please contact the Association by e-mail or fill in the form here below to make your booking.
Once you receive confirmation of your participation, you will be registered!


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