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Pranic World Festival – June 1-10 2019 – Italy

21-Day Process – May 1-21 2019 – Italy
23 February 2019
9-Day Mini Process – June 12-20 2019 – Italy
23 February 2019

Pranic World Festival
from June 1st to June 10th 2019

What’s the “Pranic World festival”?

This Festival is the most famous breatharians’s meeting from all over the world. They will share their lifestyle through conferences and workshops for 10 days. This lifestyle in his higher manifestation and thanks to the pranic nourishment ( Qi, Energy): living on light, allows to live in perfect health and perfect harmony without assuming the most common aliments, solids or liquids, from the mouth.

Should I prepare myself?

You are already prepared since the foundations of time, open to all possibilities! Come and let go your believes and your certainties, make space in your heart to receive the good news that bring a real opportunity to cure violence, illness, ageing and death.

What will happen during the festival?

Breatharians from all over the world will come to speak and share their reality and experience with talks and daily workshops. Teachers of energetic disciplines, like Yoga, Gi-gong and others will give course and practice every day. Healers and holistic operators will be present to share their capacity to bring health and harmony to all. Special surprise events, like night walks, shamanic ceremonies and new world parties, etc…

The Pranic World festival is an information event in which breatharians of all over the world gather together to share experiences and knowledges. This is the moment to get in contact whit a new world, an other state of being, an other dimension, a new paradigm.
We would like that the PWF would be a moment and an occasion to meet people which share ideas and experiences on the same issue about pranic nourishment, so we ask to everyone to live in a responsible way the days of the festival without attempt self-made processes, fasts or transitions of every kind.
It will be enough to participate actively to these special days, absorbed in a strong energetic atmosphere, to experiment the intensity of the life style without food.
Trusting on your common sense, and to avoid malaises or situations which could influence the good progress of the festival, we kindly ask you to continue to eat in accordance with your habits and your breatharian level. We don’t want to be obliged to call the ambulance! Or to be obliged to interrupt the festival!
On site, there will be vegetarian, vegan, raw and liquidarian food, to meet every needs.
Who is not able to stays on these fundamental rules, will be invited to leave the festival.
Remember that, to experiment a process or a transition, it is necessary to have suitable places with suitable trainers.

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