Channeling Webinar Online – March 05-06 2022

Processus des 9 ou 21 jours – du 1er au 9 ou 21 Mars 2022 – Marches – Italie
1 mars 2021
Processus des 9 ou 21 jours – du 1er au 9 ou 21 Avril 2022 – En ligne
1 avril 2021

Channeling Webinar Online English - Italian

Facilitators: Raffaella Galoppi
Languages: English - Italian / Italiano e inglese
Place: Online (Skype)

The course will be 20 hours, divided into 10 days on the following weekends (these can be changed if all participants agree):
March 5th/6th, March 19th/20th, April 2nd/3rd, April 16th/17th, April 30th/May 1st (2022)

In this journey, we will practice various exercises and visualizations that will help you to connect with your ability to experience, through sight and sound, direct communication with the Beings of Light. We will begin to make contact with our astral body, and we will practice other exercises which will be useful to you in transmuting lower vibration energies and thought-forms. There will be time for questions as well.
During the days of this event, a diet of lighter food is required.
It will be an honor and a pleasure to share my experience with you during this course. For further information, please contact me,
Raffaella, at: +39 478259972

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