Just as a caterpillar has the potential to become a butterfly, but has yet to manifest this version of itself, every human being has the potential to become a Breatharian, though most human beings, bound by their habits, beliefs, memories and traditions, remain unaware of this capacity. The amount of vital force we have available to us at every instant determines our well-being, bliss and happiness, and the consumption of solid or liquid food will use our natural vital force for digestion; consequently, if any human being is reducing, in a sustainable way (without danger to their health), the density and quantity of their food intake, and they are feeling more energy than before, while also sleeping less and not losing weight, they are becoming a Breatharian. Breatharianism is not fasting, as fasting, which generally involves weight loss, is not sustainable on an ongoing basis.

Breatharianworld.com uses four different categories, or levels, created by Nicolas Pilartz, to describe generalized ways in which we can identify Breatharianism as it manifests in our world. While levels one and two include most of the human population and contain within them a great deal of variation, levels three and four, which describe those people whom we generally refer to as “Breatharians” when discussing this paradigm, become more clearly defined.

Breatharian Categories – Levels of Manifestation

For a clearer understanding of how this energy nourishes us and how it can be observed in people, we use these 4 levels:
This category consists of people who consume solid food usually three or more times per day. They often have not made any kind of change to their diet since their childhood, or perhaps have only made minimal changes. They largely remain in a digestion mode; out of the 24 hours of the day, these people are digesting, on average, 70-100% of the time.
The people included in this category have in some way improved upon their state of health and well-being to the point in which they experience a significant increase, or expansion, in their states of consciousness and happiness as a result. This development can occur as a consequence of a change in their diet – often a reduction in both the density as well as the amount of their solid food intake, or it can occur by other means, such as an increase in physical activity or spiritual practice (for instance via sport, dance, yoga, qi gong, meditation, fasting, etc.). The people in this level of manifestation often consume one solid food meal, or two small meals, per day, and out of the 24 hours of the day, their digestive systems are working, on average, 40-60% of the time.
This category includes most of the people whom we refer to as “Breatharians.” They usually consume liquids containing calories every day, and they might have one or two solid food meals per week, month, or year (and they have been doing as such for a minimum of one year). They also have the capacity to go long periods (weeks or months) only on water, or even without water (dry). These people are digesting, on average, 10-30% of the time.
This category is comprised of those whom we call fully Breatharian. These people are extremely rare – in our estimate, only one out of every 10 million human beings on the planet fall under this category. They remain in “dry mode” all the time (and have done so for a minimum of one year), or some might drink a little tea, coffee, or water once a day, week, month, or year. Their digestive systems are working, on average, only 0.1-1% of the time (just a recycling of cells).