situated in Coccore, a village in the heart of Central Italy.

Our pranic healing center is a comfortable place where we welcome people who can experience a new sustainable lifestyle...

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    Breatharianism is not the same as water fasting nor dry fasting nor intermittent fasting

    Pranic Breatharian Center

    Breatharianism does not mean to stop eating, but instead to find the balance with material food in every moment during our ever-changing life.

    There are many more benefits of breatharianism than the fasting benefits.

    As you raise your atomic vibration higher than ever before, fully conected with the all-one source of consciousness, your spiritual jouney is boosted at all levels.

    There are different levels of breatharianism:

    some only consume liquids, some a meal a few times a week or month, and some, in very rare cases, have completely stopped consuming solids and liquids...Read more