How it works?

In its natural state every cell of our body takes everything it needs from the Vital Force (Prana, QI, Life Energy) to be in perfect health and harmony.
This Vital Force stays inside of us and is all around us.

What is Prana?

It is made of the very substance of Life which exists in everything and is everywhere, it is the Universal Energy and it is Limitless in Power. Hindu call it "Prana", Chinese Taoists call it "CHI", Northern-American Natives and Polynesians call it "Manas", even all the Ancient Cultures did knew it well.
The Occidental Society simply call it Force of Life. It is possible not only move and concentrate Prana into our body in order to heal ourselves or the other people, pets, plants: Prana can be condensated to become a food for us, as well.
Whith Pranic Nourishment it will be started a new limitless way to feed oneself and it is a limitless time practice. The Breatharians are people who have chosen to adopt Pranic Nourishment as a lifestyle.
Many people have actually been living this new experience in the world, this lifestyle choice is defined in 4 different manifestations which are called "the 4 Breatharian levels".