At the EDEN PRANIC CENTER people will receive a warm welcome

and will have the chance to experience a new sustainable life which is based on three main principles:

Pranic Nourishment, semi-nomadic home life experience, gift-giving economy.

Who comes at the center will have the chance to attend at training courses, self-consciousness workshops or simply experience an into-nature-immersive life, and rest at night in confortable rooms or in the camping area.
This is the right place where one can live being in connection again with nature, with one's own most inner Self, in order to bring contact with the primordial Force of Life.

The best way to be in contact with Pranic Nourishment is attending at a Breatharian Process that is arranged in Eden Center, not only with the aim to clean and detox our own physical body, but also our Emotional, Mental and Spiritual one.

In this way you will cross the path of Transmutation and Freedomness from all those forms which generate suffering due to false illusions, fake beliefs, by using just the highest Natural Technology.


Thanks to Pranic Nourishment you will get to know a lifestyle which will allow to sustain your everyday good health level.