What are they?

There are different ones and they are defined by how long they do last. A Breatharian Process is most of all a travel to an unknown land to discover ourselves and the wonders that are hidden inside each one of us.
The main purpose is to clean and detox the body and to develop and make grow the intention to have an experience and increase the awarenes, and at last feel with all your own being, the everlasting Strength of Prana, which ever and forever takes care of all forms of life and it creates a limitless and permanent peace and wellness state of Unity with the Whole. During the Process period we'll spend our time to learn how to feed ourselves in an alternative way instead of solid food; consequently the senses will become sharper, the state of consciousness will get wider, and this will happen thanks to the recovering of the natural and original state of being.

This new physical condition will ease the Vital Energy circulation so to help the body to adopt this new kind of Nourishment. The Process is leaded and attended by a Breatharian during the whole journey, day after day, while being immersed in Nature, the best ideal place to nourish oneself of Prana.

The Process is not necessary to have access to Pranic Nourishment, but it works as a powerful accelerator.

The 21-Day Process

It is the most famous and powerful amongst the Breatharian Processes. The number 21 is one of the Golden ones, and it also belongs to the Fibonacci Sequence...and 21 is the number of days which the cells usually need in order to get accustomed to a new habit.
The 21 days correspond to three weeks:

  • the first one is dedicated to clean and detox the physical body;
  • the second one is aimed to clean and purify the emotional body;
  • the third one is related to the settling of the Body of Light and to check that the Breatharians criterions have appearead.
Usually the standard protocol is to stay on water only, for all the 21 days; anyway by former agreement with the Breatharian facilitator it will be possilble to make some changes: such as living dry days (no water); or days in which one can have liquids with calories, which will ease the Process whenever necessary.
The purpose of this Process is to bring people to have an experience of the 4th Breatharian Level for the whole 21 days period, in order to verify what the body shows at the 21st day, taking into consideration the 3 main criterions to define the good health state: vital energy presence, shortened sleeping time, stable body weight.
At the end of this journey, it will be possible to verify which kind of "potentialities" the participant has shown. Therefore, if one will result fed enough by Prana, then it will be possible for him to go on that way, or on the contrary one might have simply lived a healthy detoxing 21 days- fasting period, from which starting to feed on solid and liquid food again every day.
Please take note that, especially for the 21 days- Process, it is necessary to be in a good physical and mental condition in order to be able to face this extreme journey.

The "21 Day-Process" can be a one-by-one or a group one, or even a remote one, always made by an expert and proper guide.

The 9-Day Process

We created this Process, which is based on The Number 9, which symbolizes "The Accomplishment" which is dedicated to whom cannot have 21 days all in a row for oneself, or in case one would prefer to face a first shorter experience.
During the 9 Day-Process it is usual to stay on water only, anyway, by former agreement with the facilitator it is possible to live dry days (with no water) or having liquid calories, in order to make easier the Process whenever necessary.
At the end of the 9 Day-Process, which is just a preparation time to make the body ready, it won't be possible to take into consideration the 3 good health criterions: stable body weight, limitless energy, shortened sleeping time, as it happens in the 21 Day-Process, which are useful to the Breatharian facilitator to evaluate and recognize the Breatharian state, or if it has only been experienced a fasting period.
Anyway, a path review of the Process one has gone through will be done.

The "9 Day-Process" can be a one-by-one or a group one, or even a remote one, always made by an expert and proper guide.


  • 9 o'clock a.m. : physical awakening (walking, practising martial arts, yoga, Qigong, stretching, and so on...)
  • 12 o'clock a.m.: Breatharian Sharing Lunch (time for Meditation, each one's word sharing, questions & answers)
  • 3 o'clock p.m.: Private sessions (channeling, aura reading, vibrational harmonization, massages, various themes discussions, and so on...)
  • 7 o'clock p.m. : Breatharian Sharing Supper/Dinner (time for Meditation, each one's word sharing, questions & answers)
  • 9 o' clock p.m.: Evening's happenings (video, concerts, and so on...)

Self-Adapted Processes

It is possible to arrange together an "any-quantity-of days" Process, according to the kind of life or the job people do, by previous agreement with the Breatharian facilitator...We usually advice a Process to be at least 5 days long, which is the minimum period to allow the body to get clean and get out from the intensive physical detoxing period; 49 days is the most extended time we advise a Process to be long for much more expert people.
It will also be possible to follow a different proper protocol: such as one based on liquids with calories, or without any of them (dry period), always in agreement with the facilitator.
It may be done at the Center untill there will be place, in group of people or one-by- one, for the whole year, or in remote.


Reconnection to the all-encompassive Wisdom (the Supreme Oneness/the Whole/ the Create) "ClearMind" state (clearness of mind/ amplification of the senses of perception and intuition) Improvement of the physical state (healings) and the spiritual one (blissfulness) Freedom from all patterns (mental and emotional)

To be able to have access to the Breatharian levels of Pranic Nourishment 2,3 and 4.

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