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Eden Pranic Center – Newsletter 10/2023
14 October 2023
newsletter eden pranic center

Your New Self for 2024 is here now!

eden pranic center

We're all searching for change! Each of us desires a unique life experience. For this reason, we travel to new locations, purchase new technology, interact with diverse individuals, and engage in various forms of entertainment. However, until we change the one who is experiencing life, no true change can be perceived.

👏🏻 "True metamorphosis originates internally."

😍 One step in bringing about that change from within is the breatharian initiation process.

💯By engaging in this process, you will realise how life-force energy is working for you, healing you and helping you in your evolution, everyday.

🌝This is what will occur if you decide to alter the way you typically nourish yourself. We will gently assist you in changing your eating habits as part of this breatharian initiation process, which will promote healing and regeneration.

So, why do you hesitate?

We hope the best for you.

Nicolas & Raffaella ✨

Happy New Year in advance 💖

December events:

  • Process in presence of 9 days Italy from 1 to 9 December
  • Process in presence of 9 days France from 13 to 21 December
  • Online processes of 9 or 21 days from 1st to December 9th or 21st

Contacts for registration:

TELEGRAM @BreatharianWorld

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