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newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – October 2019
10 October 2019
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – October 2019
10 October 2019


Newsletter Eden Pranic Center

Dear ones,
This is the first Newsletter that we are sending and we are happy of the reality we have created that now can be shared with all of you. We are all united, even if we are not close to each other, and for some if we haven’t met in the physical form yet, we know to be all part of a universal family, the one belonging to the Light.

Eden is a place which is protected against the forces of destruction. here you will find the nature, peace, contact with the energy that is circulating within and all around you. You can come and have your stay into the house, or camping, participating to the processes which we organise or make your own process of your own.
Our staff which is composed by expert Breatharian facilitators and holistic assistants, who are here to help, assist and support you in any way you may need.

Now the web site has been translated into 3 different languages, the processes are happening almost every month.
We are the first pranic center in Europe, and are deeply filled with gratitude. This is a great honor and we are humbled to provide a center for profound transformational work for humanity.

We are always with you at every moment.


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