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Newsletter “Eden Pranic Center” – July 2023
8 July 2023
newsletter eden pranic center
Breatharianism – A scientific knowledge to unwrap the Gifts of life 🎁
20 September 2023
newsletter eden pranic center

Newsletter "Eden Pranic Center" - August 2023

eden pranic center

Remaining Easy while Life Gets Busy 😃
Hello Dear friends !
Yes, we all have such times when life gives many things together, to explore, experience and enhance our capabilities & true potential.

August was one such month for us when life gave us the opportunity to celebrate the Pranic World Festival in Italy and exchange abundant energies with Breatharians coming from all over the world.

We took this opportunity & lived every moment of the festival deeply.
It got busy but yet we remained easy !
Yes, this is an amazing gift of Pranic living where you are so full of energy, awareness and vitality that you can actively participate & accurately respond to all situations that life offers without getting overwhelmed & tired.
In fact you enjoy every moment of it and that's how you live more when you are in your natural Pranic state.

Have you tried a guided, safe and sustainable Pranic Initiation process? If not then we would like to invite you for the upcoming process in September 2023.
See you all very soon.

Wish you all the fullness of life 🥰
Your well-wishers, always
Nicolas & Raffaella 💞

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