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Newsletter “Eden Pranic Center” – August 2023
22 August 2023
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Eden Pranic Center – Newsletter 10/2023
14 October 2023
newsletter eden pranic center

Breatharianism - A scientific knowledge to unwrap the Gifts of life 🎁

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Life is a precious gift that contains infinite boxes of gifts inside. To unwrap those gifts is to live life freely.

Nature has given us precious gifts such as consistent health, unconditional happiness, and complete harmony. However, very few of us are able to experience and enjoy these gifts. Even those who are living a healthy and happy life are putting in a lot of effort to get and maintain their health. Why can’t something that is naturally given to us remain with us without any efforts? 🤔

That is because we have forgotten our own gift and we try to enjoy from food, which creates all the problems within us & around us.

Breatharianism is a knowledge that reminds us of our own gifts.

Slowly but surely it helps us experience that state of bliss, vitality, love, and peace effortlessly. It also helps us understand how we create suffering for ourselves and then try to run away from it.


Breatharianism is the upcoming knowledge that will awaken all human potential. It’s a method to unwrap the gifts of Life.

This October, we are facilitating a safe, soft, and interesting Breatharian Initiation process - online as well as offline for you to understand and live this knowledge till you realize the gifts that nature has given you. It’s an opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of life and experience the state of bliss, vitality, love, and peace.

We wish you all the best on your journey towards self-discovery.

💙Nicolas & Raffaella💙


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