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Newsletter – November 2020
21 November 2020
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – June 2021
11 June 2021
newsletter eden pranic center

Newsletter - April 2021

Hello light family,
A friend of mine says, “no news is good news”! this is the reason of our extended silence since some months now … Another friend says, “the best plan is no plan”! as in the here and now anything that you’ll do will be perfectly organized by the flowing universe … So let me describe you the situation for now:

pranic world festival


The 6th edition of the Pranic World Festival in 2021 will happen in a new ONLINE format, we are still deciding the platform, we want it to be interactive and LIVE, so if you have some ideas, please write us now:
For the festival to happen in PRESENCE, Europe seems to plan opening of “normal” life, from beginning of JUNE onwards, so we don’t know yet if “normal” includes festivals and gatherings like ours linked to health and joy ! We’ll update you at the end of may about the situation here in Italy, as another friend says, no one can predict the future...
We remind you that the PWF 2021 is scheduled from JULY 1st to 12th this year and we are scheduling many new BREATHARIANS that are blooming all around the universe to share the “good news”.


🎦 Playlist PWF 2020:

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Please register yourselves on the youtube Breatharian channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there

eden pranic center


Is OPEN and is an ideal place to practice Pranic Living, people coming to us have the necessity to heal transmuting suffering to joy and enter the natural state of being. You can stay as much as you want in the garden of EDEN, we need more gardeners.
Furthermore we have ONLINE processes happening every month in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and these processes are designed for your normal daily life, working, taking care of your family, practicing sports, keeping your social activities and so on … Our experienced facilitators will guide you and support your cellular transition. To know more about it you can email us at

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Please register yourselves on the youtube Eden Pranic Center channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there.