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Newsletter – April 2021
18 April 2021
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – December 2021
28 December 2021
newsletter eden pranic center

Newsletter - June 2021

pranic world festival


Brothers and sisters, let’s rejoice, as the 2021 Pranic World Festival (PWF) will take place in presence from July 10-21, and at the same time, it will be broadcasted online, so that everyone worldwide will be able to receive the information. We will have 12 days together, with a minimum of three speakers per day, so be prepared to hear a great deal about this new paradigm that is enlightening the universe!

Registration for your attendance in presence is now open, with a special discount offered if you register before July 1st, available here:

For online attendance, we will use the Zoom platform, with its new feature of simultaneous translation in many languages! From your mobile or computer, you’ll have the option to choose which language to hear; we are working to have English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian available! Registration for the online PWF is available here:


We are still waiting for final confirmations, but the following is a first draft of our confirmed speakers:

Below you will find the essential links for the 2021 PWF.
In truth,
Nicolas & Staff

Subscribe to the pwf

Subscribe to the pwf online on zoom

Phisical food (Food Point)

Within the Festival area everybody can, if he will, serve him/herself at the different Food Points:

How to reach the festival

A shuttle will start every 2-3 hours from the Fabriano railway station to/from the festival location. it’ll be available from 1pm on 31 May to 1pm on 11 June 2018.


We remind you that the PWF is not the place aimed to experience a process but rather and most importantly to gather information.


🎦 Playlist PWF 2020:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2019:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2018:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2017:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2016:

Please register yourselves on the youtube Breatharian channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there

eden pranic center


The Eden Pranic Center is honored to host the 2021 PWF. It will be an occasion for you to enjoy our 80 hectares of nature, which we inte nd to expand limitlessly… We would like to remind you that we also offer processes every month, both in presence and online. These processes serve as an activation into PranicBreatharianism, an enlightenment, an awakening to truth.
To know more about it you can email us at

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Please register yourselves on the youtube Eden Pranic Center channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there.