newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – February 2020
9 February 2020
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – April 2020
26 April 2020
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – February 2020
9 February 2020
newsletter eden pranic center
Newsletter – April 2020
26 April 2020
newsletter eden pranic center

Newsletter - March 2020

Dear brothers and sister,

thanks to supreme consciousness guiding the whole reality of perfection we are showed the path of blissfullness ! With all this vibration of freedom and self-realization happening, we naturally become the higher version of ourselves as light beings, and create the pranic body, a more refined expression of love.
In these moments of sudden change, we listen to our inner guidance connected to the Supreme, we feel peace. If you feel fear, we invite you to lighten your material food consumption, in order to perceive the perfection happening.
The love, this massive gift of transformation is truly Light, there is nowhere else to go, you are already in the perfect place, in the perfect time, in the perfect body!
I say, kingdom of heaven has come closer.

In love,


pranic world festival


As you now the virus in Italy is expanding and the country is under lock down until April the 3rd, all non necessary activity are forbidden … Even if Italy extends the lock down a few more weeks up to the end of April, there is all the month of May for Italy to overcome the virus and get back to normality as China did now ! So we are confident the Festival will have a good chance to happen on the same dates.
We decided to expand the special winter discount to the 21st of April (instead of to the 21st March).
We’ll update you on the situation in our next April Newsletter.
We have here a first draft of the PWF programme:

here is the updated list of speakers and performers:
Tal Gilboa, Victor Truviano, Veni, Pascal Martelli, No Mi and Dawa, Nicolas Pilartz, Monika Kunovska, Martin Bruncko, Maria Sonia Baldoni, Luce, Kay Hougaard, Angela Bittl, Dmitri Lapshinov (Dima), Edgardo Bonazzi, Elitom El-amin, Emeya S. Angelisme, Eris Binda, Galina El-Sharas, Gaston Bacchiani, Isabelle Hercelin, Ivan Orlic, Raffaella Galoppi, John DePass, Cristiana Eltrayan, Olga Podorovskaya, Mel Loverth, Markus Witte.

Speaking via Skype, we will have:
Adrienn Light, Kirby de Lanerolle, Jasmin Herrera, Jasmuheen, Nassim Haramein, Oberom, Ray Maor, Rishi Royal, Roy Martina, Edith Ubuntu Chan, Alice Bruyant, Akahi, Camilla Castillo.

Our performers will be:
Fabrice De Graef, Ogam, Poggy, Sing Fight Laugh, Dhyan Brothers, Special Surprise, Axel.


You can benefit from our winter discount here:



There is no limit to the overnight stay in our camping. However the possibility to get more comfortable stays in the village such as in shared rooms or in dormitory, or in tepee, yurts and wigwam is limited… so we invite you to reserve an overnight stay by registering online ASAP.


Within the Festival area everybody can, if he will, serve him/herself at the different Food Points:


A shuttle will start every 2-3 hours from the Fabriano railway station to/from the festival location. it’ll be available from 1pm on 31 May to 1pm on 11 June.


We remind you that the PWF is not the place aimed to experience a process but rather and most importantly to gather information.


🎦 Playlist PWF 2019:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2018:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2017:

🎦 Playlist PWF 2016:

Please register yourselves on the youtube Breatharian channel so you can stay informed about new videos we publish there


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Due to the flight restrictions happening, we had to cancel some of our Processes planned in March and in early April, in USA, Croatia and India for now … We also took the opportunity following the natural guidance of consciousness to create a new format of 9 day Process Online, for everyone all around the world to have a group initiation on pranic living peacefully from their home for a sustainable world.
Here are the links to our new Online process:

All events

The breatharian processes

How to reach us


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